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All on 4 Dental Implants

What is All on 4?

All on 4 is a state-of-the-art dental implant technique that enables us to replace a whole arch of teeth permanently in a single visit, restoring your confidence in your smile in just a few hours.

This tooth restoration method involves using placing four titanium screws into the jaw in the correct position at the most suitable angle, before fitting a bridge or an overdenture that can support between 10 and 14 teeth. Four abutments are used to attach the dental bridges to the implants and provide added support to the tooth structure.

Over time, the bone will grow naturally around these implants, securing each of the screws firmly in place so the ‘false’ teeth will not shift or loosen.

The procedure takes place under local anaesthetic to ensure a pain-free experience.

6 Benefits of having All on 4 dental implants

Restored Dental Function
All-on-4 treatment gives you a fixed set of teeth that function just like natural ones. You can comfortably chew your favourite foods and speak with clarity, as the implants provide stability and strength. Regaining full dental function allows you to enjoy meals without worrying about denture movement or discomfort.

Improved Aesthetics
You can have a smile that looks natural and improves the appearance of your face with All-on-4. The personalised dental prosthesis is meticulously manufactured to precisely replicate the form, size, and colour of your real teeth. This focus on detail makes sure that your new teeth match your features perfectly, giving you a self-assured and aesthetically beautiful grin.

Reduced Treatment Time
All-on-4 treatment is known for its efficiency and streamlined process. Unlike traditional implant procedures that may require multiple surgeries and lengthy healing periods, All-on-4 allows for immediate implant placement and attachment of a temporary prosthesis soon after the surgery. This means you can enjoy the benefits of your new teeth sooner and spend less time undergoing dental procedures.

Minimised Discomfort
The All-on-4 procedure is intended to lessen pain after surgery. Fewer implants are used, and meticulous placement methods decrease the need for significant surgery and bone transplants. As a result, you can anticipate reduced pain, bruising, and swelling during the healing process. As you get used to your new teeth, the experience will be smoother and more comfortable as a result.

Enhanced Stability
The strategic placement of All-on-4 implants ensures maximum stability for your dental prosthesis. The tilted angles and optimal contact with the available bone provide a secure foundation. This stability prevents your new teeth from shifting or slipping, giving you the confidence to eat, speak, and engage in social activities without worrying about the movement of your dentures.

Easy Maintenance
All-on-4 treatment simplifies your oral hygiene routine compared to removable dentures. Caring for your fixed prosthesis is similar to caring for natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings are essential to maintain optimal oral health. Your dentist will guide you on the specific techniques and tools needed to keep your restoration clean and in excellent condition.

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Who is this tooth restoration treatment suitable for?

The same-day All on 4 technique can be used to replace teeth in the upper or lower jaw (or both).

All on 4 is often the ideal treatment for patients who are struggling with weak teeth, missing teeth, or excessive gaps between their teeth – and the low self-esteem that comes with being self-conscious of their smile.

Dental implants are a much more secure alternative to dentures, which are traditionally used to address these issues. Implants will not move or fall out; in fact, they will function just like natural teeth, and they will last a lot longer, too.

However, fixing a full set of implants can often be expensive, not to mention uncomfortable. All on 4 is a much faster and less invasive procedure than many other forms of dental surgery, making it a highly attractive option to patients who are worried about costs or who don’t want to spend too long in the dentist’s chair.

Any pain and swelling should subside within two to three days, and it will take approximately three to six months for your gums to heal fully.

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Frequently asked questions All on 4 Dental Implants

How is All-on-4 different from traditional dental implants?

Compared to conventional dental implants, which may require additional implants and bone grafting, All-on-4 treatment employs just four carefully placed implants to support an entire arch of teeth. Using this unique strategy frequently results in fewer additional procedures and faster recovery times.

Is the procedure painful?

The All-on-4 procedure is performed under anaesthesia to ensure your comfort. After the surgery, some temporary discomfort, swelling, or bruising may occur, but this can be managed with pain medication. Our dentist will provide post-operative care instructions to help minimise any discomfort during the recovery period.

How do I care for my All on 4 dental implants?

Caring for All-on-4 dental implants is similar to caring for natural teeth. Regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene. Your dentist will provide specific instructions on proper cleaning techniques and recommend suitable oral care products.

How long does it take to complete?

The duration of All-on-4 treatment varies depending on individual circumstances. In some cases, the entire process, from implant placement to the attachment of the final prosthesis, can be completed in a few appointments. Our dentist will evaluate your specific needs and provide a treatment timeline tailored to your situation.

Do All on 4 dental implants look natural?

Yes, your All-on-4 dental implants will be designed to look natural and aesthetically pleasing. The prosthesis is custom-made to match your natural teeth in terms of shape, size, and colour. Skilled dental professionals ensure that your new teeth blend seamlessly with your facial features, giving you a beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Can I eat normally with All on 4 dental implants?

Yes! Your ability to eat a variety of meals comfortably is restored as one of the key benefits of All-on-4 treatment. You can enjoy a wide variety of foods without any limitations thanks to the stability and strength that the implant-supported prosthesis offers.

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Anthony FreemanAnthony Freeman
16:51 07 Jun 24
Brilliant dental practice, amazing and friendly staff, great pricing and subscription service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Eve WalpoleEve Walpole
16:48 06 Jun 24
Everyone at Avenue Dental Practice is professional and polite whilst also being friendly and helpful. The atmosphere at the practice is very calm and relaxing. I am really pleased to have moved my dental care to this practice and I would definitely recommend them.
Nikki SahibNikki Sahib
16:08 04 Jun 24
The recently visited Dr Bhandal at Avenue Dental, and I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional care and service I received. From the moment I walked in, the staff was welcoming and professional, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. Dr. Bhandal expertise and gentle approach immediately put me at ease. He took the time to explain each procedure and answered all my questions patiently, which I greatly appreciated.The clinic itself is modern and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making each visit efficient and effective. Whether it was a routine cleaning or a more complex procedure, the quality of care was consistently top-notch. I also appreciated the strict adherence to hygiene and safety protocols, which is especially important these days.Overall, Dr. Bhandal and his team have exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend Avenue Dental to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate dentist. They truly make dental care a pleasant experience!.
Dominic ElmsDominic Elms
15:22 04 Jun 24
Really great dental care. The staff are all lovely
Florina BurlanFlorina Burlan
09:14 10 May 24
I cannot express enough gratitude for Dr. Bobby’s exceptional care. Despite my dental phobia, Dr. Bobby and the team went above and beyond to ensure my comfort every step of the way. Their patience, understanding, and gentle approach transformed what I was expecting to be a nightmare into a surprisingly nice experience. I highly recommend Dr. Bobby and the team to anyone, especially those with dental anxieties.
James BlackJames Black
18:54 08 May 24
Avenue Dental Practice was an all round good experience. I was made to feel very relaxed and welcome. I was not rushed and was given plenty of breaks if needed. It was my first time here and I would recommend.
11:48 08 May 24
My husband had two implants and a root canal at Avenue Dental. They were brilliant. Excellent price. Charming service . High tech equipment . I could totally recommend this dentist.
Jodie MeeJodie Mee
08:58 03 May 24
This is the best dentist service I have ever had!The team are amazing really friendly and helpful. Never have I ever got to a dentist early to have a coffee and a chat with them.I definitely feel like I get VIP service when I am there.
Kay VenuKay Venu
15:40 18 Apr 24
Excellent team and Dr Bobby Bhandal is an excellent orthodontist and my implant was done with care. From receptionist, staff nurse and practice manager are very welcoming and professional in providing support and care through out my treatments. My experience was pleasant and helpful. I highly recommended Avenue Dental Clinic.
Emilia PollardEmilia Pollard
07:37 18 Apr 24
Very professional and excellent dental service. Highly recommended
harry formanharry forman
15:47 25 Mar 24
Couldn't recommend this place enough. The whole team greets you with a lovely welcoming smile and treating you with kindness. As well as being professional, doing their job very efficiently.
Jazmin Rosemary SmithJazmin Rosemary Smith
13:31 25 Mar 24
I had my first appt today at Avenue and was very happy with everything. Everyone is extremely friendly, and the surgery is clean, tidy and the aesthetic is lovely. Will definitely be continuing to attend Avenue 😊
sandy Mckinlaysandy Mckinlay
16:39 21 Mar 24
Very personal people- it didn’t feel like being at the dentist
Jane FletcherJane Fletcher
15:12 19 Mar 24
Excellent service could not fault them in any way. Professional & friendly. Looking forward to my next visit
Robert Corbett 124Robert Corbett 124
09:20 15 Mar 24
Just had a hygienist sessions like no other, very thorough and some great advice to work on. Even received a goody bag, Whooho. Thank you👍
James TurnerJames Turner
16:48 14 Mar 24
Great experience. Made my teeth nice and shiny! Also friendly, courteous staff who great with communicating about appointments etc. Would recommend.
Alison McCamleyAlison McCamley
09:26 14 Mar 24
Very professional and welcoming. Suffer with anxiety issues at the Dentist but totally made to feel at ease by all members of staff. Cannot rate Bobby & the team highly enough. If your looking for a new Dentist I urge you to try Avenue Dental they are first class !!
Kirsty WebbKirsty Webb
06:18 14 Mar 24
I am a very nervous patient when it comes to the dentist - Bobby and his team made me feel so relaxed and comfortable from the minute go. It’s a wonderful family atmosphere with friendly staff. Bobby is highly professional and extremely down to earth with it. Unlike other practises he makes time for you and is extremely supportive. A wonderful new practise I think will do marvellous.
brad burtbrad burt
12:03 07 Mar 24
Vivien GunewardenaVivien Gunewardena
11:36 26 Feb 24
A great new dental practice opened in the area , from first registering through to the appointments , all the team are very calm and professional and really do make you feel very comfortable and having a calm experience at the dentist . Would highly recommend !
Sarah AhluwaliaSarah Ahluwalia
12:15 21 Feb 24
As a nervous dental patient Bobby and his team have been kind and patient with building my confidence back. I have been impressed with the most recent technology they use and their approach to making the environment of the practice calming.The practice has the atmosphere more akin to a spa than a dental surgery and that has helped me feel at ease when visiting. The friendly staff have also been supportive and worked with me in rebuilding confidence. Thank you to everyone in the team!
Robert Corbett 124Robert Corbett 124
17:15 14 Feb 24
Anya SimmonsAnya Simmons
16:50 29 Jan 24
A really friendly, helpful, positive and professional team. Everything was explained really well and I had very relaxed and positive experience. Thank you.
Sukhraj HayerSukhraj Hayer
09:46 26 Jan 24
Really happy with the team at Avenue Dental. Couldn't thank everyone enough. Everyone was so helpful and kind. Highly recommend using Avenue Dental. They did not disappoint me at all. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Once again a big Thank You to everyone.
Fabrizio LipariFabrizio Lipari
17:43 23 Jan 24
Had a great consultation for teeth whitening, the team are all great! Will be making this my regular dentist moving forwards 🙂
Ray TottenRay Totten
16:46 23 Jan 24
Was immediately put at ease with a cup of tea, and was treated and spoken to like an adult, have a life long fear of dentists in excess of 6 decades, Dr Bobby sat in the reception with me as I was uncomfortable in his" office''.I will be starting my treatment real soon, with confidence that my fears will not surface again.
Nick EnstoneNick Enstone
16:36 23 Jan 24
I need emergency treatment and walked in off the street they fitted me in for an afternoon appointment. For a private practice I found their prices competitive . I will return in the future.
Eshan SahibEshan Sahib
16:26 23 Jan 24
The recently visited Dr. Smith at Smile Bright Dental, and I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional care and service I received. From the moment I walked in, the staff was welcoming and professional, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. Dr. Smith's expertise and gentle approach immediately put me at ease. He took the time to explain each procedure and answered all my questions patiently, which I greatly appreciated.The clinic itself is modern and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making each visit efficient and effective. Whether it was a routine cleaning or a more complex procedure, the quality of care was consistently top-notch. I also appreciated the strict adherence to hygiene and safety protocols, which is especially important these days.Overall, Dr. Smith and his team have exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend Smile Bright Dental to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate dentist. They truly make dental care a pleasant experience!.
Oliver SmithOliver Smith
09:33 22 Jan 24
Brilliant service, attentive and calm surrounds make for a brilliant appointment !
Adam WilsonAdam Wilson
07:44 19 Jan 24
Having not been to the dentist for several years, I was apprehensive about my visit, but had heard wonderful things about Avenue Dental, so was hopeful they would look after me well. They did not disappoint, and immediately put me at ease with their friendliness and professionalism. I’m actually looking forward to my next visit!
Javiera GuerraJaviera Guerra
17:51 18 Jan 24
Highly recommended, excellent customer service and experience. Very meticulous in their work, thanks.
Kurtis YoungKurtis Young
11:18 18 Jan 24
A great, professional service as soon as you walk through the door. The procedure was comfortable and I was regularly informed of what was going on.All the staff are welcoming, friendly and informative.Thank you Avenue Dentist!
Harkumal MehatHarkumal Mehat
15:55 05 Jan 24
A few days before Christmas I had a very bad toothache and swelling on my face. I contacted avenue dental and they were able to see me the next day. The whole process was great and with the treatment Bobby gave me for my infection, I was able to enjoy Christmas with my family. Highly recommended this practice and I will be going back for general check ups! Also the whole team was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. Thank you ☺️
Jeremy CoxJeremy Cox
20:02 27 Dec 23
Not sure anyone likes going to the dentist but Bobby and the team put me at ease. No judgement about not going to the dentist since lockdown and a well laid out plan to get my smile in better shape. Thank you.
Josh EvansJosh Evans
16:55 22 Dec 23
I cannot thank Bobby and the team enough, from start to finish they have done a fantastic job with my composite bonding and teeth whitening they were very informative and reassured me through the whole process. They went above and beyond to get me in before my wedding and I’ve never felt so confident to smile. Not only this but any questions that I’ve had after I left the clinic they have been on hand to answer day or night via phone or WhatsApp. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my dental work now and would highly recommend.
Michael SimmonsMichael Simmons
12:11 20 Dec 23
First time visiting Avenue Dental today, Dr Bobby and the Team were brilliant. Everything was clearly explained, the practice has a great atmosphere and everyone I met were so nice and friendly.
15:08 18 Dec 23
As a new patient I am really impressed with the practice - everyone is really friendly and approachable plus the overview of the state of my teeth and explanations given by Bobby were thorough and understandable.I had a couple of fillings done and it was pain free and quick :)The additional perk is that they are very responsive on WhatsApp so as a patient you can message them and they get back to you almost instantly. I love that as it means I can get the response without hanging on the line 🙂
John Bates BatesJohn Bates Bates
11:46 14 Dec 23
Always a pleasure to visit sounds like a silly statement but they make you feel at ease and the treatment is second to none. Thank you Avenue Dental
leah coxleah cox
13:28 27 Nov 23
Great experience with this dentist, lovely team and calm inviting space 🙂
11:49 24 Nov 23
Great staff and amazing customer service
Helen HallHelen Hall
18:40 22 Nov 23
Wow, I’ve never before said going to a dentist was a pleasant experience ! I was welcomed and felt relaxed. I’ve always struggled to have X-rays, but not today. I’m so pleased to have moved to this dental practice.
Fantastic service, by Bobby and his team, prompt and excellent service every time! Thanks guys
Corty LinderCorty Linder
15:20 17 Nov 23
Excellent dental practice
Damien ConveyDamien Convey
12:48 14 Nov 23
I could not be more grateful for the compassionate and professional treatment I have received over the last 48 hours from Bobbly and his team.Having recently registered with an NHS dentist at a local practice (which has excellent reviews), I unfortunately developed severe tooth pain on Wednesday, which was misdiagnosed in a disparaging way by my dentist at an emergency appointment the same day.I was fobbed off and told that there was no need for an x-ray, as the problem was due to another tooth awaiting extraction, and NOT the one where I was experiencing pain.Four days of increasingly excruciating pain and a trip to A&E then led me to search the internet for a local dentist who could see me on Sunday evening. As others who have been in such a desperate situation will understand, finding a dentist after hours let alone on a Sunday evening is nigh on impossible.I was therefore so relieved when, after sending an email to Bobby, he rang me to say he could see me at 8:30pm. Bobby was welcoming, empathetic and quickly ascertained via and x-ray and local anaesthetic what was causing my pain i.e. it was the tooth I had suspected, NOT the one my dentist said needed extracting.He then explained in detail what the options were to rectify the situation. At no point did he suggest that he should carry out the treatment, and his integrity in this regard greatly impressed me.It was, however, clear to me that Bobby was the best person for the job and luckily he was able to see me the following day for an extraction.Following Bobby's explanation of what was causing the pain, it is worrying that I was due to have the wrong tooth extracted this week by the NHS dentist. I dread to think the level of pain I could have been in, not only from a wrongful extraction, but also the continuing intolerable nerve pain from the other tooth.Today, I am pain free and very grateful to Bobby and his team for their care and attention. It is clear to myself and my family why Avenue Dental's reviews are all 5 star, and in light of my experience, we have now registered with the practice.My NHS dentist told me to get a second opinion if I wasn't happy with her diagnosis, and I'm VERY relieved I did - I can't recommend Avenue Dental highly enough.
Timothy GuyotTimothy Guyot
00:09 08 Nov 23
Great practice, everyone I've spoken to has been really nice, and took their time to explain what I needed to know or answer my questions, everything is new and super clean.
12:44 02 Nov 23
Rose JardineRose Jardine
12:13 01 Nov 23
I was delighted to find Dr Bobby Bhandal at Avenue Dental Practice. I had been carefully researching my options for some time and couldn't believe that this fantastic facility was on my doorstep. He was so up on all the latest techniques and developments and very listened carefully to me on what |I needed and what I could could afford. Bobby combines a warm accessible approach with expert knowledge. The practice is staffed by warm friendly staff who put you at ease and are very welcoming. Marie makes a great cuppa. The premises are beautiful. Meticulously clean, attractively decorated and comfortable. For me one of the most important things was that everything is available in house. It really is state of the art in technology and knowledge.
Carwyn RobertsCarwyn Roberts
11:56 01 Nov 23
calm and relaxing environment. friendly and welcoming staff. informative dental treatment.
Matt AllenMatt Allen
15:30 30 Oct 23
As a really, really nervous patient, I haven’t been to a dentist for a lot longer than I care to admit. Bobby and his team have so far been really accommodating for me, and have actively supported me during my treatment, and further preventative care. So far the only practice I haven’t fled from! Thank you
Had a dental emergency and Avenue Dental were excellent. Saw me immediately. Staff all very welcoming and helpful.
Ed & Hannah CampbellEd & Hannah Campbell
15:12 27 Oct 23
Great experience and dental practice. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough
Susan BicknellSusan Bicknell
08:04 25 Oct 23
After years of fearing going to the Dentist, I can honestly say, I've never felt more confident ,with the treatment, I am currently receiving, from this practise, I've also recommended a friend ,who also has anxiety ,about going to dentist.The team are really friendly, everyone of them, have given me the confidence to have treatment. So far I have had composite filling, scale an polish , tooth extraction. My dental journey is now one that I feel ,will be professional. Its reassuring to know, I'm in safe hands. Thank you so much to Dr Bobby an his wonderful team ❤️
Clare BunnClare Bunn
15:03 20 Oct 23
One of the most professional, safe and experienced dental practices I’ve ever used. Bobby and his fabulous team are friendly, knowledgeable and caring with excellent communication.I’m a nervous patient but since stepping inside the beautiful practice you are welcomed with a smile and cared for with such kindness.
Charlie TakacsCharlie Takacs
11:50 13 Oct 23
Very professional team so friendly I’m happy for them!
Julie KayJulie Kay
15:00 12 Oct 23
I had a dental emergency and was experiencing significant pain, after having no joy in getting an appt with my dentist of 5 years , I looked for positive reviews of local dentists and found Avenue. They were so rapid to help and got me an appt straight away, bobby and the team were amazing, resolved my immediate emergency and then also talked about my future needs. I am a very nervous patient and was immediately delighted that they used digital xrays, which immediately placed me at ease. Would highly reccomend and am now a signed up permanent patient and advocate
Lynsey ChirereLynsey Chirere
12:52 12 Oct 23
Been to see Jess and Abi for a hygienist appointment today. Jess gave me lots of knowledge and very helpful. Abi was lovely as always and Alisha was a lovely welcoming face to see when I first got there. Friendly and kind atmosphere. Very happy 😃
Jackie WellerJackie Weller
15:15 11 Oct 23
Have just visited Avenue Dental Practice for a filling and a difficult tooth extraction. Everyone at Avenue Dental was super welcoming, expert at putting an anxious patient at ease, and extremely competent. The entire experience was so much easier and pain free than expected. Many thanks to Bobby and his team. Highly recommended.
Bobby and his team are fantastic!!! Excellent service and a very high standard of treatment. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Wissam KhozouiWissam Khozoui
14:47 28 Sep 23
Phenomenal practice. I’ve been to many dental practices over the years and I can confidently say this was by far the best I’ve experienced. Friendly and professional staff. Jessica did an incredible job and made me feel very comfortable. Dr Bobby and the team are genuine people and truly look after their patients. Highly recommended
Hugh AdlingtonHugh Adlington
14:16 28 Sep 23
The service and expertise at Avenue Dental are both excellent. I have been delighted with the treatment I have received.
Erika ThorntonErika Thornton
17:49 27 Sep 23
I highly recommend Aveneue Dental, i was very nervous going to the dentist due to bad experiences with my last dentist.From my first appointment I couldn't have been more welcomed by Marie and Alisha who explained everything.The service I have received from Bobby is excellent he makes you feel at ease and I can now have treatment without feeling nervous and anxious and he always makes time to talk to you.10/10 to all the staff.
Paul LeePaul Lee
15:06 27 Sep 23
The service and expertise of Avenue dental is first class. From my initial consultation there was a friendly feel to the practise and very clear and concise information relayed. Alisha Maggie and Bobby along with others are a great team and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their excellent dental practise.
14:49 22 Sep 23
First appointment and felt very comfortable. Alisha is very caring and welcoming, Bobby reassuring and explained everything in a clear way which helps to feel less anxious when visiting a dental practice. Thanks to all the other members of the staff as well.
Marie WatsonMarie Watson
14:29 22 Sep 23
Even though I have been a dental nurse for 18 years now I feel anxious when having any dental treatment myself. My appointment today was no exception, however Bobby, Abbie and Alisha here at Avenue Dental made me feel calm and explained the process to me step by step. I was looked after with great care, and compassion. My choice of music was played during the appointment which added that little extra level and helped with my anxiety.
aidan greefaidan greef
08:42 22 Sep 23
My time visiting avenue was extremely pleasant and well orchestrated. I was well looked after from even before I visited the practice via WhatsApp which made the whole experience feel very professional. I would highly recommend avenue
Nicholas SymonsNicholas Symons
06:30 21 Sep 23
Booked in as an emergency the same day of enquiring, they were all understanding, kind and very pleasant, Bobby the dentist was excellent and very calming as I am a very nervous patient, he took great care and sorted out my problem of great pain I had, I am now going to visit on a regular basis as I cannot fault the dentist himself or any off the people I met there yesterday as they were all brilliant so yes I would recommend Avenue Dental Practice to anyone who is looking for some dental care 100%
Brooksy HDBrooksy HD
14:16 19 Sep 23
Needed a root canal done, very happy with the treatment and friendliness of the staff and dentists, very pleasant place to go for dental work. Definitely would say go here if you need anything done, they will look after you!
Tasha WrigleyTasha Wrigley
09:26 13 Sep 23
Great service and lovely staff!
Gavin WightmanGavin Wightman
18:32 12 Sep 23
I needed some private dentistry doing. I found Avenue Dental by googling dentists in the local area. They had the best reviews so I decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed. From start to finish the service was excellent; friendly yet professional. The reception and admin staff were super friendly and efficient. Dr Bobby had a very calming manner and explained everything in detail in a way I could understand. Although I only booked a consultation, Dr Bobby diagnosed quickly and even found time to do some remedial work, which I didn't expect. I can highly recommend this practice. In fact, I have cancelled my existing dentist and signed up with Avenue Dental. Thanks!
Lucy ElesmoreLucy Elesmore
13:59 31 Aug 23
I came to Avenue Dental for a scale and polish and the results were amazing! As soon as I came in, I was greeted by a lovely lady called Alisha who was so welcoming . I then went through to have my treatment with Jess and both her and her assistant were so friendly. Jess explained everything really thoroughly and because I mentioned that I was nervous at dentist’s , she was constantly asking me if I was okay while treating me. When you have a fear of dentists, having them be so understanding and warm to you makes so much difference. I can’t recommend this friendly team enough.
Connor Harvey-WardConnor Harvey-Ward
11:40 31 Aug 23
Great people, very welcoming and amazing service! All the employees were lovely. Jessica was a great therapist.
Rhianna GrahamRhianna Graham
11:19 10 Aug 23
Ellena RowleyEllena Rowley
10:07 05 Aug 23
I had been searching for a new dentist and Avenue Dental was recommended to me by a family member. I had great service and felt really welcomed. I have signed up to the plan and am extremely happy with my fillings and teeth whitening. All my treatment was efficient but I also felt like they all had plenty of time for me. 100% would recommend.
Sam MoretonSam Moreton
11:46 01 Aug 23
Absolutely brilliant. Know how to treat their customers to the best possible ability. Went in for surgery, and didn’t have any worries whatsoever, knowing I was getting professional service.
Andy McGuiganAndy McGuigan
08:18 31 Jul 23
I've recently moved to the town, and finding a new dentist was on the to-do list. However, I developed an acute toothache so this search became rather more urgent! Using Google Maps I found Avenue Dental was only a few minutes away from me, and I used the website chatbot to arrange a callback. Literally within seconds Becky had phoned me and booked me in for an emergency appointment the next morning. When I arrived at the practice my medical details were efficiently taken via an iPad and after a short wait I was seen by Bobby and Marie. Spoiler alert: the bad tooth was extracted there and then (that was last Friday, and I am writing this on Monday morning: the post-extraction recovery has been great; no pain at all). After the procedure Becky took me into the office to deal with payment and I signed up to the monthly plan which seems good value. I really liked how the office was away from the waiting area (which itself was very modern and airy - no dog-eared copies of WhatCar from 1992 to be found!) . We ended up having a wide-ranging conversation about everything from Australia to Monzo bank to video intercoms, amongst many other topics; it's clear Becky is a people person who has a real talent for customer service, and more importantly, is given ample time to engage with people: every other dental visit I have had in my life - and I am a middle-aged man - has been "pay here, see you in 6 months". TL; DR I can tick off 'find a new dentist' from my to-do list! Highly recommended.
Igor Titov (Gheromo)Igor Titov (Gheromo)
12:56 28 Jul 23
Very friendly and welcoming staff. Got a few things done, no complaints. Thank you Bobby and Jessica.
Hannah IngramHannah Ingram
13:49 19 Jul 23
Amazing care from start to finish and have signed up to be a permanent patient after my experience!I was due to have a cracked wisdom tooth removed via nhs which included a long wait list. Woke up in the morning in excruciating pain and went through normal dentist only to be misdiagnosed with an infection. I called Avenue Dental at around 10:30am in tears and very distressed, Becky answered my call and was so empathetic and reassuring, she got me a same day emergency appointment for 3:50pm. When I came for my appointment I was blown away with the beautiful and relaxing decor in the practice and straight away Becky & Marie were on the case to make me feel comfortable and talking me through the potential process. Then I had my consultation with Bobby & Marie. Both again were so empathetic to my situation, gave me all the relevant info and all possible scenarios based on what my X-ray results came back with, either way I would be leaving the practice in less pain than what I came in with! I had my X-ray and Marie was very reassuring through the whole process making sure I was comfortable and not anxious. It transpired I could in fact have my tooth removed that day! I could have cried with happiness! Bobby was very fast during the extraction and I felt zero pain, at one point when I did feel a twinge he swiftly numbed the area more before carrying on and with Marie’s assistance I felt in very capable hands. And Becky was brilliant after my procedure and very informative through the whole process too. All in all I couldn’t recommend Avenue Dental enough and I will be coming back to use their services on a permanent basis and will be recommending to friends and family for sure, thank you so much to Bobby, Marie & Becky for your fabulous service and care! 🙂
Dayle ThorntonDayle Thornton
10:21 19 Jul 23
Recently started going to Avenue Dental after putting work off for a long time due to a very bad experience, meeting the staff there I've become very comfortable with going, everyone is very caring and friendly and don't rush anything, talk to you through everything and make you feel very looked after, and the building itself is very comfortable and approachable which makes things alot better.Special thanks to Becky for always taking time to explain things, making any payments very easy and manageable and being really nice and friendly after treatment.cannot recommend this Dentist enough, 10/10, 5 stars all round will be continuing here for any help or work in the future.thank you to everyone.
Louise LangfordLouise Langford
11:48 21 Jun 23
I first came here after being new to the area and seeing a recommendation on the local Facebook group. From speaking to Becky on the phone to seeing Bobby and Marie I couldn't fault the service and care that I received. I'm a really nervous patient and Bobby and Marie made me feel at ease and I also didn't feel that dreaded wait in the waiting room for my appointment as Becky greeted me was really friendly and instantly put me at ease. I first came in with an emergency and I've left as a long term patient. Thanks Team Avenue 😃
Dean HuntDean Hunt
17:14 19 Jun 23
My journey started a few months ago with a phone call with Becky then a trip over to see Bobby to discuss what I wanted. I had a fitting for my teeth whitening kit then back for a check up and to book me in for my composite bonding. This place is unlike any other dentist I have been to !! They offer you a drink are so welcoming with no rush at all each and every visit. Today I finally had my composite bonding and I am so pleased with the results. I want to send a huge thanks to the whole team of Becky, Marie and Bobby for giving me the confidence to smile again .
Aurelie AlmeidaAurelie Almeida
11:55 04 May 23
I’m so happy to have found Bobby and his team. I had a great dental check up, very thorough, using the latest technology in a calm environment. I received great advice. No phones ringing, no waiting around. Friendly and helpful team. I also saw the hygienist, Jessica, for the first time in 2 years as I have extremely sensitive teeth and previous hygienist appointments at other practices have been excruciating to me.Jessica was brilliant, gentle and the treatment was totally pain free. First time in my life that I actually enjoyed going to the dentist and the hygienist. Highly recommended!
Mandeep TiwanaMandeep Tiwana
10:59 28 Apr 23
I visited Avenue Dental and was happy with the service and advise i received from Bobby and the team, I have even signed up to the monthly plan which is value for money in my opinion.The stylish interior and and clean environment was reassuring that I am in safe hands, and the after care was brilliant.Highly recommended!
Brett JonesBrett Jones
21:52 29 Mar 23
I called on a Sunday afternoon as an emergency and received great initial advice and was swiftly booked in for a full appointment on Monday morning to investigate and relieve my tooth pain. Bobby, Marie and Becky are all extremely caring and create a relaxed atmosphere and then Bobby quickly identified and resolved the issue. The aftercare has been so impressive too with calls from Marie and Becky checking on how I was getting on after the treatment and helping to put my mind at rest with clear information on what to do to speed up the recovery. A very professional new practice and incredible people, thank you!
Sharon PSharon P
17:19 27 Mar 23
As an extremely anxious patient I was put completely at ease by Bobby & the team. From Becky booking my initial visits, Marie ensuring I understood everything about my procedure and the care and expertise of Bobby & Raj I could not have wished for better treatment. I received follow up calls from them all in the days after my procedure and they were all more than willing to answer any questions I had.The practise is comfortable, high tech and stylish. The friendly warm atmosphere puts me at ease as soon as I walk through the door. I never thought I’d say that about going to the dentist!
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Avenue Dental provides state-of-the-art dental treatments to clients in Leamington Spa, Warwick, and Kenilworth.
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Avenue Dental provides state-of-the-art dental treatments to clients in Leamington Spa, Warwick, and Kenilworth.
Our locations
Opening Hours
Mon: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Tue: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Wed: 8:30am - 8pm
Thu: : 8:30am - 5:30pm
Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Sat: Appointment Only
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Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2022 – Avenue Dental Practice

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2022 – Avenue Dental Practice